She Money Pawn is happy to buy and sell all antiques of value.
When buying antiques the buyer has a multitude of ways to buy, including online internet auctions, local auction houses, newspaper and classified ads, antique dealers, etc, etc. There is only one wrong way to buy antiques, buying something when you are not sure of its authenticity. She Money Pawn is happy to be knowledgeable antique collectors that can assist you in buying or selling your antique items.
Buy the best antiques you can afford and if it's for your own personal use or collection, don't worry too much about whether you have overpaid. The modern, probably inferior equivalent will cost a lot more anyway\
Buy what you like!
Whether you buy from antique dealers, antique fairs, auction houses, or boot sales, always, always, always, buy the things that appeal to you directly. If something appeals to your sense of style or your idea of beauty, you will develop a passion for it.
Whether you are buying antiques as an investment or for a collection or to sell them on; Always buy what you like and buy what you are interested in.
Come in to She Money Pawn today to buy your next piece of your collection or start your hobby!
We pay cash and offer store credit!