Electric Guitars

Electric Guitars hold their value very well, She Money Pawn is happy to make an offer on your guitar based on its consumer value. (not your sentimental value!) Because we realize that electric guitars can be "big ticket" it is essential that all electric guitar sales are done professionally. We are experienced in buying guitars and are happy to answer any questions you may have about buying or selling your guitar.

Normally new players have tight budgets at the time of picking a guitar and the first questions is linked to the second one. If you are considering playing only as a hobby don`t spend too much on your guitar you can get a decent instrument you will enjoy for years without spending a fortune. On the other hand if you are serious about this try extending your budget as much as you can to get a mid level instrument but remember, you will have to buy an amp too so don`t spend it all.

What style of music you preffer? If you are into blues, rock or country you will do fine with a guitar with single coil pickups like a fender stratocaster or the twangy sound of a telecaster. If you play metal you will need humbucking pickups specially in the bridge and different models and brands will be your options. Also your playing style matters here if you use a lot of whammy techniques and effects and love dive bombs get a guitar with a locking bridge like a floyd rose bridge but if you play rythm guitar mostly don`t spend money on this kind of bridge just get a normal fixed bridge.

In guitars there are a lot of things to consider regarding tone, from wood, paint job, wiring, electronics and hardware explaining all in detail will take several days of your time so after this introduction let`s begin with recomendations for begginers to suit almost every need you will encounter in the first years of your learning curve.