She Money Pawn is happy to buy and sell figurines of value. We buy and sell all collector figurines based on their values from trusted sources. One of the most popular collectible figurines is made by M I Hummel. We seek to buy this collection and are knowledgeable on these figurines. Hummel Figurines were produced by The Goebel Company. The Goebel Company still produces the work of Berta Hummel today. All prototypes must still have the Convent approval before being produced. Sister Maria's love of children and art has allowed the generations to cherish and adore the pert faces of all M I Hummel figurines.

The first three hummel figurines Puppy Love, Little Fiddler and Bookworm were marked FF15, FF16 and FF17 on an interim basis. This is because when these were sculpted, the figurine series designation or mold numbers had not yet been determined. When the licensing agreement was reached in 1935 with the Convent, these figurines were then marked HUM1, HUM2 and HUM3.

Almost all Hummels will have the M I Hummel Incised Signature located somewhere on the piece. Prototypes and very small figurines are the only pieces that may NOT have the Incised M I Hummel Signature. Some collector's and even seller's assume that if the name Goebel appears on an item, then it has to be a Hummel. This is not true, the Goebel Company is a factory that produces many fine items which include M I Hummels. The rule of thumb when trying to determine a Hummel item is, if it does not have the incised signature, it is not a Hummel. If you have an item that does not have the incised signature, but you truly believe it to be an authentic Hummel, She Money Pawn will authenticate it for you!

She Money pawn buys and sells all brands of collectible figurines, come in today to see our collection.