Lenox Crystal

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How Do You Know You Have A Lenox Piece?

With hundreds of different patterns, many of them unnamed, identifying your Lenox dinnerware isn’t always an easy task. Lenox made pieces in small numbers for individuals and companies, and as these patterns were only made in limited numbers, they did not always bear the Lenox name. Even if the name of the company doesn’t appear on your piece, it’s still possible to find out whether or not the piece is made by Lenox by deciphering the Lenox code, a combination of letters and numbers. Follow these steps to identify your piece;

Check the back of the piece for the Lenox name, and then check the edges if you can’t find a name on the back. Lenox placed their logo on either spot, depending on the piece and the pattern. If you also see a "Made in the USA" stamp, it indicates that the piece was made after 1930.

Traditionally Lenox marks their glassware with the company stamp. Look for the Lenox stamp, which shows an uppercase “L” inside a wreath. The company used this stamp until 1988, in combination with the Lenox name. You might discover that the Lenox name is missing, but if it still has the logo, it’s an authentic piece.

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