Sterling Silver Jewelry

Silver is a metallic element which, like gold, is soft when in its purest form.
When pure silver is made into jewelry or ornaments, to prevent bending, breaking or stretching, it’s mixed with alloy in order to retain the shape. Copper is a popular alloy that is often mixed with silver, creating what is known as sterling silver.
Checking for markings on a silver item will be the easiest method of determining if the piece is silver and the level of purity; although, the markings can be sometimes hard to locate or read. A magnifying glass will make reading hallmarks much easier.
If you are unable to locate any markings, or if your item is stamped with EP, EPNS, Silver on Copper, etc, your item may be silver plated. If its not genuine silver, unfortunately, it doesn’t have any value as a precious metal. Silver plate may look beautiful, but it does not have the value of the element itself.
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