Womens Watches

Owning a beautiful timepiece that makes a statement about your style and personality has always been a tradition. Buying a Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Franck Muller, or other designer watch comes at a high price tag, sometimes as much as a new car. If you have ever worn one of these magnificent watches then you understand the value and why women could spend thousands of dollars for the specific watch they want. Unfortunately, not all women that type of money but would still like to own a timepiece that can help give them a distinguished look. Luckily, lasting designer watches have been produced for over a century and there are many brands and models available used at a much lower cost. Buying a pre-owned timepiece is a great alternative for women looking to save money, add an aged and elegant style to their appearance, and own a quality timepiece.
She Money Pawn buys and sells all used "designer" brands of watches. She Money Pawn is happy to buy your timepiece based on the current value. Used watches often retain their value very well once they are purchased, if you buy a used watch of high quality, the value may even rise as it become an antique.
Let She Money Pawn make you an offer on your used watch, we also accept trade ins!